Can you have it all?

I’ve spent most of the evening speaking to someone I’ve been on a date with, but before you go getting excited there was no chemistry on said date, well on my side anyway. As I have with several people I’ve been on dates with we’ve ended up friends, I guess that’s better than nothing (apart from when you fancy them like mad and you get friend zoned, ugh!).
He is lamenting his dating woes and starting to question if he should have divorced his wife, looking back maybe he was happy enough.
This is somewhat striking the fear into me. Is this what I will be thinking in 6 months time if I am still single?!? Holy hell I had better get swiping.

Personally I think he just keeps picking girls that are way out of his league. Having looked through his apps the majority of the time he’s going for girls are an eight or nine (i’m not including myself within in this category) and he is maybe six or seven although that sounds kind of mean, I don’t mean it in a mean way.  He’s a nice enough guy and there is nothing wrong with aiming high but sometimes if your constantly failing you might need to think about why.

Most of the girls that he meets online talk to him for ages but never want to meet (ego boosters) or when they do meet they are full of insecurities and have lots of issues or mad ex husbands (and I thought I attracted the crazies)
He is feeling really down, I’m trying to cheer him up but failing. Our conversation is based around his theory that it’s not possible to have it all in a relationship. You either have passion or someone who cares and supports you. He doesn’t believe it’s possible to have both, as he has no one to support him at the moment and no passion he is now questioning if you should’ve stayed with his wife.
They had a sexless marriage but he says on reflection he was happy and maybe he should have just stuck with her.

Can you be happy without sex and passion? I know I wasn’t.

I don’t think it’s too much to want both passion and a supportive partner. I like to think that it is entirely possible to have a man who’s clothes I want to rip off but equally I can carry him when he needs me to. I’m not quite ready yet to give up hope that that will happen for me but maybe get back to me in six months…..


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