eHarmony – A site for lazy daters

Having spoken to a few friends about online dating several recommended eHarmony as a good site to try. Almost everyone knew someone who had formed a relationship from this site.  I was told because it was a paid site there would be people on there that were more serious about wanting a relationship.


It took a fair while to enter in all my details. Endless questions that would apparently match me to someone I would be compatible with. When my profile finally loaded I was met with ‘my matches’ I think I had about 20, to get more matches it recommended that I searched a wider distance but I didn’t really see the point in chatting to someone 60 miles away. It seems hard enough to find a night that works for someone in London let alone Land End.
Within my matches were someone who’s sister I went to school with and a guy I’d snogged at a speed dating every. I guess it’s a small world.
Pretty quickly I started to get notifications. Excellent I thought.

Only every time I looked at the messages it was from men that were way older than the criteria I was asking for. I played about with the setting but still seemed to get messages from those who were not within my criteria.

These guys also didn’t bother to ask me anything themselves. There are pre formed questions you can just click on. If you can’t string one sentence together yourself I’m not going to reply. Lazy, so so lazy.
Here are a couple of examples…..

Wonder what was on this guys mind?



Ugh really!












My profile says I love travel and a guy has to be able to make me laugh……read it man, read it!!!

One guy sent me seven questions like this!

I messaged a few people myself and had a couple of conversations but they were not particularly interesting. None of them were really striking a cord with me.
After a week I decided to call and ask for a refund! There was no way I was going to find the man of my dreams on this site.


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