When you realise it’s all going to be alright in the end

This time last week I was feeling pretty low. Having the ex finally move out of our house suddenly made splitting up a reality and despite being the instigator and wanting this to happen for over a year I was thrown into a world of self doubt again.

After giving myself a stern talking to I decided to get busy and make plans. This resulted in making two really cool new friends who have helped me see things differently.

Sometimes you just click with people and it feels like you have known them for a lifetime. It can also take a fresh pair of eyes to give you the kick you need!

Today I woke up feeling 100% better than last Monday, this was certainly helped by a really busy weekend involving a drunken night out with friends, a chilled evening with a friend from work and a lovely date that said he wanted to see me again before we parted (say what?! Decisive men exist!).

I’m finally getting it, this time of my life should be fun.

If I go on a rubbish date I’ll be ok.

If I have a great date but never hear from him again I’ll be ok.

If I have a life full of friends and family without someone to love me I’ll be ok.



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