Your guide to the perfect dating profile

If you want a good dating profile you need make sure you choose the right photos and take time writing your blurb. Nothing says swipe left than an boring profile.

Here is my guide to reeling the ladies in. You can never have enough photos on a profile. Make them clear, recent and always include a body shot. Props help, personally for me nothing says date me like a man that can carry a briefcase over rocks…..

If you get the right setting don’t be afraid to use the same kind of shot twice.

Don’t be afraid to show who you are. It’s better to set your stall out from the off…..

Honesty is the best policy after all…..

(didn’t block this guys face because he is clearly a twat, poor wife)

Show your hobbies, your swiper might share the same interests.

Show a sense of humour. Nothing gets a girl going like a man that can make her laugh.

Let people know what you have to offer them

If all else fails just offer to pay for company….



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