Men on the brain

This week has been another super fun week, I’ve also found the most amazing flat I want to buy which I am cosmic ordering and manifesting to become mine (come on universe!!) I often find when one thing starts to work out in my life something else starts to go awry. My despair at having awful date after awful date has ended thanks to meeting some really great guys and this is where my problem starts.
Much like Rihanna I have one thing on the brain, only it’s not love it’s men. Last week it’s safe to say I was pretty lax at work. With my phone pinging from matches and messages my mind was not on the 9-5. This week it came to bite me on the ass when I got not one but two almighty bollockings from my boss.
The long and short of it was much like when someone is breaking up with you and having the its not you its me conversation only this was all on me. Apparently everyone thinks I have a fantastic personality and I’m a joy to have in the office and I take really good care of everyone but apparently I’m shit at my job!

I have never had this happen before so I was pretty shocked. I’ve worked for this person for some time and have never had an issue before. I called my old boss who works for the same company and told me not to listen to her and that I’m really good at my job. She also revealed she had a chat with my boss last week and she told her she is desperately unhappy and feeling really alone in London (she is American) I guess this was a case of someone pushing their feelings on to me, I’m an easy target after all. Even so, seeing as I need a job to pay for the dreamy flat I guess I should turn my notifications off and stay clear of Whatsapp next week!



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