Things my friends have said to me since I’ve been online dating

Without my wonderful friends there is a strong possibility I’d be in a heap rocking back and forth crying in a corner. They listen to my dating woes day in, day out and I love them for it. Here is a selection of the wisdom they have sent my way on this roller coaster that is online dating. 

Delete those apps

This could only happen to you

Delete his number

Are there any normal people on these sites?

He is a dick

This is the one 

Delete his profile 

Are you insane?

He did what?!

Is that really your type?

You gave him the wifey treatment, why would he come back?!

Forget about him

This is the one, really I can feel it

I love you but you have terrible taste in men

Are you sure you just don’t want to stay single?

He is a C%nt

Ooh I actually like the look of this one

A girl?!?

He looks like a serial killer

Sounds like a keeper

On the way to meet a guy ‘don’t fuck this one’ On seeing the guy in question. ‘You should so fuck him he is hot’

You should concentrate on this one

Where do you get the energy from

He has four kids?! Do you want to do the school run. 

What is wrong with you?

And you fancy him?…..

You can do better

How do you keep up with this?

Can’t you go meet someone in a bar?

He put it where 😱 (I jest, I jest but give it time….!)


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