Not like the movies

I can remember the exact moment I knew my marriage was over. I was at a friends wedding in October 2015, the happy couple had just taken to the floor for their first dance. As I stood on a balcony watching them hand in hand, so very much in love, I cried.  I loved my husband but I was no longer in love with him. This terrified me as ending things seemed impossible, for 11 years he was all I had know but I worked my way though my fears and six months later we agreed to separate.

I promised myself that after spending so long being unhappy the next time round I would make sure I was nothing but 100% happy with whoever I was dating, no compromises.

As I’ve continued along my dating journey I’ve found this hasn’t been totally possible. Not everyone is going to tick every box. Is it worth ruling someone out that you have had a good evening with because they mentioned something you didn’t agree with or display a trait you would rather they didn’t have?

I know I am far from perfect and I have the ability to irritate people, hell I irritate myself a lot of the time but I’m realising it’s about the amount of compromise your willing to accept. The first two relationships I embarked on after my marriage were wayyyy to much of a compromise so as ever, I’m learning with every step I take what I will and won’t bend on.

It’s a big no to all the following:

  • Big egos
  • Emotional wrecks
  • Living with parents
  • Excessive drinking
  • Taking drugs
  • Those who have separated from a partner within the last six months
  • Calling or seeing me only when it suits them
  • Taking themselves too seriously

I don’t believe in love at first sight but I want a fairy tale ending like the movies. I want to be excited to see the person, I want to be wooed. I don’t want to slip into constant nights in front of the sofa and going to the cinema every week.

A friend recently told me I should see all of my dates as a build up knowing what I do and don’t want in a guy. Use it as practice till I find the right one.

Just like Katy Perry says, one day my prince will come, till that day I wait….

He put it on me, I put it on,

Like there was nothing wrong

It didn’t fit,

It wasn’t right

Wasn’t just the size

They say you know,

When you know

I don’t know

I didn’t feel

The fairytale feeling, no

Am I a stupid girl

For even dreaming that I could


If it’s not like the movies,

That’s how it should be, yeah

When he’s the one,

I’ll come undone,

And my world will stop spinning

And that’s just the beginning, yeah


Snow white said when I was young,

“One day my prince will come”

So I wait for that date

They say its hard to meet your match,

Find my better half

So we make perfect shapes


If stars don’t align,

If it doesn’t stop time,

If you cant see the sign,

Wait for it

One hundred percent,

With every penny spent

He’ll be the one that,

Finishes your sentences


If it’s not like the movies,

That’s how it should be

When he’s the one,

And my world will stop spinning,

And that’s just the beginning

Oh yeah,

Cause I know you’re out there,

And your, your looking for me

It’s a crazy idea that you were made,

Perfectly for me you’ll see

Just like the movies

That’s how it will be

Oh but that’s how it should be

Cinematic and dramatic with the perfect ending

Oh it’s not like the movies,

Oh but that’s how it should be

When he’s the one,

You’ll come undone,

And your world will stop spinning,

And it’s just the beginning


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