The one I worked with

I have pretty much met all the guys I have dated at work. I vowed that my husband would be the last one but a moment of boredom resulted in another liaison which I’d rather forget about. The sex was good, in fact I had the most intense orgasm I can remember having for a long time. Probably due to the fact I didn’t remotely care what the guy thought of me or how I looked but the way he made me feel after was no where near worth that couple of hours of fun.

This kind of story actually makes me think my councilor is onto something when she says I’m an addict.  I didn’t want to be alone on this particular evening so I sought the company of someone I didn’t remotely fancy, insane right? Does a longing for company addict exist?!

I’d known him for a few months when we started messaging. We had each others mobile numbers as I often had to call him for work. We spent one entire day together at work and spent the day chatting about our lives and relationships, he had a son with a woman he appeared to having nothing but ill feelings for, so much so he had vowed never to cum inside a woman again in case they tried to trap him again! As always I thought he was a nice guy. Seriously when is my bullshit radar going to start working? After this day together his messages increased. He lived locally to me and he said I should come out one evening with him and his friends. Of course this never happened. After a year of messaging I text him one night after another rubbish date to see if he was around, he said he was busy but did I want to do something the following evening.

He messaged me several times during the day and before I knew it at 7pm there I was driving to his flat. He met me at my car and I could smell the booze on him before he got near me. Now what I should have done is said ‘oh I didn’t realise you had been drinking I’m going to go home’ but no, up to his flat I went.  He put some rubbish on the TV and before I knew it he was pawing me like a horny teenager.  I actually laughed and told him to calm down.  Before long we are in bed, now I have to give him credit, what he lacked for in size he made up with enthusiasm.  I lost count of the positions he had me in and as he had been drinking pretty much all day he lasted and lasted. I was dripping with sweat by the end. As soon as it was over I was dressed and heading for the door. There were no post sex cuddles to be had here. As I left I said was he cool to keep this between us. He in fact asked me not to tell my best friend at work who is quite senior. Note to any men reading, we ALWAYS tell our best mates everything about you.

Two days later I messaged him asking how he was. He replied ‘Never text me again unless it’s for work purposes’


That stung

Now in the days before counseling I would have gone back and forth telling him what I thought of him but I simply deleted his message and vowed never to speak to him again.

Now how many times do you think I saw him the following week? Every location I went to in the office he was there; the post room, IT, meeting rooms. I couldn’t escape the fucker. I was even asked to a attend a meeting with him the following day and sign a birthday card for him, present him with a birthday cake, I warned my friend I would smash his face into it if she asked me to do that!  Thankfully he didn’t turn up to the meeting much to my delight. Seems like I wasn’t the only one who didn’t want to see each other again.

I certainly won’t be fishing from the man pool at work again.  I get you might not want to see someone again but to be SO cold is just cruel. He messaged me a couple of weeks later, that too was swiftly deleted. Idiot.





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