The one that went up a mountain

Now as full disclosure the person this post is about is actually who inspired me to write a blog.  He has several of his own including one about his dating trials and tribulations (I didn’t know about the dating blog at the time) and after telling him some of my horror stories he suggested I started to write my tales down. It feels kind of weird writing about someone when I know they might read it but this is an account of my dating life and it doesn’t feel right to leave him out of things, plus I have been pretty honest to him about how I feel so I’m sure he will let me off.  He even got his own nickname from my friends as I spoke about him so much. Enter Mountain Man……

We matched on bumble and weirdly had similar stories on our profiles about celebrity encounters. Our first few messages were about these. I liked his chat, it was fun and lighthearted.  We discovered it would be about six weeks before we could actually meet due to my going on holiday to Malaysia and him going to base camp at Everest (hence Mountain Man). He offered up his mobile number should I want to talk while I was away and we started messaging.  Once we had switched over to Whatsapp he told me he was separated and had four children and that he wouldn’t blame me if I no longer wanted to chat. This didn’t bother me at all so on the conversations went.

We chatted about pretty normal stuff often until the early hours. While I was away on holiday we continued to message. We also had an amusing phone call while we were both in the bath, we got disconnected about ten times before we gave up thanks to my awful internet connection.  As we continued to talk we both opened up about about our lives. I don’t know what it was but I just felt like I trusted Mountain Man for some reason. He said the right thing at the right time and gave me hope that there were actually nice guys out there. I soon realised I didn’t want to have to wait another three weeks to meet him so suggested he came over to mine for dinner a couple of days after I got home from holiday. He was heading off to Base Camp shortly after. Before I know it I’m cooking steak and he is arriving 30 mins early for our date. Word of warning to any men out there. Never arrive early!!!

Good news was he looked like his pictures and I fancied him. I’d say this had only happened three times in the last year (I generally don’t fancy people, I’m weird I know) so we were off to a positive start. To say I was nervous was an understatement I hadn’t prepared the food and as I chopped the vegetables I felt really worried I was going chop my fingers off. I got the overwhelming urge to giggle which I do when nervous, this continued all evening, god knows what came over me (is this what happens when I like someone?).  As we were chatting it felt like there was something hanging in the air, I think we both sensed it. We had a kiss and that seemed to clear the tension.  After dinner we settled down to watch some TV and carried on chatting.  I had this weird feeling of not knowing how to act, I wanted to cuddle into him but didn’t until he suggested it. At about 12 we headed to bed. Before I knew it, it was three am and I was struggling to stay awake due to jet lag. He was the first guy I had stay over and for some reason I couldn’t sleep. This was not helped my the fact my ex had mentioned coming over in the morning to pick up our dogs!

We spent the morning in bed chatting, it was a pretty deep conversation about our ex’s and our fears about dating and our insecurities. I felt like I could tell him anything.  I couldn’t really relax past 10am I was worried about the ex turning up. No chance for morning sex here (damn). As he left we hugged goodbye and he told me I shouldn’t settle. There was something about the way he said this that made me feel like I was never going to see him again but I put this down to my stupid girl brain and ignored it.

A couple of days later he was off to Base Camp he sent a few messages from the airport but I didn’t hear from him again. That is until I found his dating blog which I hadn’t known about. I came across it on the wordpress app.  Reading that this guy who I thought I had got on really well with had been on multiple dates with the same girls made me feel pretty down, had I really been that horrific that I couldn’t even get a message back. Yet another guy that was happy to sleep with me and never be heard from again.  By this point my friends were quite frankly bored about hearing about him and told me to move on. I commented on one of his blog as it irked me. He text me to say sorry his brother had been taken ill and he had been having some family issues. This didn’t seem to have stopped him going on other dates or having the time to set up other ones or sending 154 messages on Plenty of fish (it was a blog post I didn’t hack him!) I guess it’s easier to say something like that than I just wanted fun and don’t really want to see you again. Another lesson learnt. No more goodies until at least date 4 when I know they are really interested in me and note to self try harder not to turn into a giggling idiot!


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