Don’t stop till you get enough

How often would you want to have sex? Once a week, once a day, once a month?!

I thought I had a pretty normal sex drive but when a third guy commented that he couldn’t keep up with me I realised maybe it was higher than other women.  I had just assumed that twice a night was normal but apparently it’s not.  Go figure.  The more I have thought about this the more I wonder if it is the addict in me or am I just not being satisfied enough when I am getting sex?

Before I got married I had always been a very sexual person. Trying for a baby and then loosing several kind of put paid to sex being enjoyable. So when I started out dating again I was adamant it was my way or the highway.  No more time for bad sex and I needed more of it.  Lots more. If you don’t want to constantly tear each others clothes off in the first few months what chance do you have a few years down the line?

I’ve always been a pleaser, it’s often my downfall giving more than I receive in return. I want to make sure the person I am with has a good time. Is it wrong to expect to have a good time in return? Surely it’s just basic manners.  If you have climaxed you had better be helping me get there too.  A selfish lover is not attractive.

I’ve recently been having an issue climaxing, some guys can get me there every time, some not. From speaking to friends I know that’s pretty normal but it can become very frustrating. I wonder if it is linked to how much you feel for the person.  If maybe the end goal happening or not is actually your bodies way of telling you stick with this one or kick that one to the curb.  If that’s the case maybe I should start listening!




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